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Denver Mineral Show


The upscale Denver Mineral Show debuted in 2017 on Level 3 of the National Western Complex (NWC) with 100 dealers. It's where you go for the "museum stuff". In 2018 we expect the show to reach 100% capacity (150 booths) as more dealers take advantage of the low booth fee (free in 2018) and high foot-traffic. This is one of five shows making up the huge 9-day Denver Show which are all located at the Denver Coliseum + NWC. With 500,000 square feet of exhibition space and a national ad campaign, virtually every buyer and enthusiast visits us, often multiple times, over the 9-day event. The five shows are:
          Coliseum Show : Both levels of the Denver Coliseum + tents — fossils, minerals, gems & jewelry 
          Stadium Show : Stadium + Level 1 of the NWC + courtyard tents — larger dealers in A/C comfort 
          Denver Expo Gem Show : Level 2 of the NWC — primarily large volume wholesale 
          Denver Mineral Show : Level 3 of the NWC — a quiet intimate space limited to better minerals, fossils and gems 
          Miner's Co-Op Show : ground level of the NWC — direct from the friendly miner / prospector 

Together, these five shows comprise the Denver Show where everyone can buy fine mineral specimens, fossils, dinosaurs, gems, gemstones, lapidary, cabochons, artisan and antique jewelry, beads, crystals, meteorites, metaphysical, gold, silver, turquoise, Native American items, interior decor, metal art, miner's rough, tools, supplies, and so much, MUCH more!

The Denver Mineral Show is located in the Hall of the West, which is Level 3 of the NWC. It is only one floor above ground level, reached by three elevators (one of which is a freight elevator) and four wide stairways. Dealers at our new show will be right in the middle of the action — but 15 feet above it all.

This photo will help you get oriented. West is up. North is right.

Here’s a higher altitude view from the same direction as above:

The Denver Show straddles both sides of I-70 and is the largest show in the USA with more than 8 miles of tables and 500,000 square feet of exhibition space. We expect 50,000 visitors in 2018 and to host 500 dealers whose size ranges from modest 10x10 booths all they way up to 20,000 sq. foot anchor dealers. It is sited on 50+ acres with 2,500 spaces of free parking. Admission is also free. It is the second-largest event in Denver, surpassed only by the National Western Stock Show (and an occasional Super Bowl).

Free Booth Offer

All qualified mineral & fossil dealers who join us in 2018 will receive TWO free booths, and qualified gem dealers will receive ONE free booth. Any dealer who exclusively sells minerals, fossils and/or gems can qualify who sets up an attractive booth, uses proper lighting and displays, offers compelling specimens, and maintains a website or robust FaceBook page. The intent is to create an upscale retail environment. Dealers can wholesale but must maintain a professional looking booth while doing so.

To ensure a successful event from the very first year, we’re making this free offer to every mineral dealer & gem dealer on Earth who meets the mentioned standards. Other dealer costs are for tables ($25 each from us, or provide your own), electricity ($150), and showcase rentals from the supplier of your choice (or bring your own). In 2019 the booth fee reverts to $1,000 per booth, and is subject to a 2.5% annual increase thereafter.
Our free booth offer is limited to new dealers who have not exhibited with us for at least the last two years OR those who have renewed their Coliseum Show booth / tent for 2018, paid in full, and wish to have a second location at this show. These dealers must maintain their same size booth / tent at the 2018 Coliseum Show as well.

If you are a qualified mineral or gem dealer, we look forward to working for you.
Download the 2018 Dealer Application, complete it and email to Justin Zzyzx now to get your booth(s).

If you are already doing a show in Denver, then for pretty much just the cost of an extra person you can potentially double your sales. A free pair of booths at this show is cheap insurance to ensure success. This event will be advertised on the front cover of the Denver EZ-Guide and the International EZ-Guide, four pages of the Mineralogical Record, and more than 125 billboards and bus shelters throughout Denver and Colorado Springs. Last year's attendance of 40,000+ was driven by our $150,000 advertising campaign. The 2018 campaign is bigger as we target the European and Asian market.

The next image shows the calendar of the important 2018 Denver mineral and gem shows. The start-dates are such that participation in the Denver Mineral Show does not interfere with your set-up schedule at any other show.

2017 Dealer List (Incomplete) of 100 Booths

Adams Mountain Minerals, 6K, 7K
Aerolite Meteorites, Coors Art Room 9 + 10 + 11
Apex Gems and Minerals, 16J, 17J
The Arkenstone, Coors Art Room 3, 4, 5 & 6
Avant Mining, Coors Art Room 1 & 2
Blue Rock Guy, 13E, 14E
Crystal Syndicate, 16K, 17K
Crystals & Minerals of South Africa, 12E, 12F
Deep Seeded Trading Post, 12J thru 15J
Dirty Miner Gems and Minerals, 4H, 4J
Earth Finds Rocks & Minerals, 4F, 4G
Farmhouse Gem Shop, 4M, 4N, 13D, 14D
Gemnasty, 6J, 7J
Geotrope Minerals, 19K, 20K
Geo Decor, 6A thru 9A + 6B thru 9B
Goldsteen Gems 14M, 15M
HDHobby, 6N + 7N
Mining Mermaid, 19N, 20N
Nature's Collectibles, 8M, 9M
New Era Gems, 8J - 10J
Opalescent Daydreams, 14K, 15K
Rainbow Lattice Sunstone, 6M, 7M
Redstone Minerals, 9K + 10K
Rockology, 17F - 20F
Samora Minerals, 12K, 13K
Shree Sai Minerals, 4A + 5A
Sun Gemstone Company, 18M, 18N
Superb Minerals India, Coors Art Room 7 & 8
Team Hard Rock, 4D, 4E
Throwin Stones, 10M, 11M
TucsonGemNetwork, 19M, 20M
The Uncarved Block, 13F, 14F
Zees, 1J thru 3J, 1K, 1L, 1M thru 3M

If you wish to join us, Download the 2018 Dealer Application, complete it and email to Justin Zzyzx to claim your free booth(s).

Booth Plan

In the below 2018 floor-plan you can see that Level 3 also has the Centennial Room (will be used for lectures), large rest rooms, three interior airy stairways, one exterior stairway, two passenger elevators, and one 8' x 10' freight elevator with an 8' wide door. On the main floor, you'll notice that booths in the premium positions (aisle ends) require a 2-booth purchase, which is indicated by a "=" linking them together.

Maps Click here for a larger booth plan

Show Details

Advertising: This it is Denver's most advertised event. The ad campaign allocates $150,000 on 125 billboards and back-lit bus shelters in Denver and Colorado Springs, front-page banners on two consecutive issues of the Sunday Denver Post, an aggressive on-line presence, and advertised or co-advertised on six pages of the July-August issue of Mineralogical Record. (The last issue that subscribers receive before the event.) If you wish to see the locations and viewership of the 140+ boards in our 2018 campaign click here to see the map. No other show works harder for your success!

Show Days / Hours: Saturday, Sept 8 through Sunday, Sept 16, 2018. 10am to 6pm daily. Vendor access is 60 minutes before and 30 minutes after each show.

Set-Up Days / Hours: Thursday - Friday (Sept. 6 - 7) between 9am and 5pm. Bring your own dolly or hand-truck as these are not provided by the venue.

Pack-Up Days / Hours: 6pm – 11pm on Sunday, Sept. 16 and if needed, by special request, can resume on Monday, 18-Sept from 9 am to 1 pm. However, there is no overnight security on Sunday night.

Security: a uniformed Denver police officer will be stationed at the show 24x7 starting Thursday, Sept. 6th at 5 pm and remain until Sunday, Sept 16 at 11pm.

Lighting: make sure that your booth is well lit so that it stands out and attracts customers. LED light poles can be rented for only $95 per light for the 9-day show. You need just one per table. Reserve your LED light poles now and they will be at your booth when you arrive. Prices will be higher at the show. Click to rent from Show Off Lighting

Showcase Rentals: You can use any showcase provider that you wish. However, our experience with Dynamic Events Denver has been very positive and their prices are the lowest in Denver. Download their 2018 Order Form and submit it to them by August 15, 2018 to receive the Early Order pricing shown. After that date the prices increase to the Standard Rate.

Labeling: All specimens must be clearly labeled (or signed) with name and locality.

Booth Payment: Full payment for electricity and tables (if any) shall be made at the time of application. If the application is emailed or faxed, then payment shall be received within 7 days of the Vendor receiving their e-invoice via email.

Cancellation: Release from contract is possible by emailed request, and any electricity / table fee refund subject to the following schedule:
Before July 9, 2018: Full Refund ----------- July 9, 2017 or later: No Refund


Eons Expos also presents the NY / NJ Show every April
and the Tucson 22nd Street Show every Jan / Feb.