Denver Mineral Show

The Denver Mineral Show, one of the five component shows of the Denver Show, has a focus on minerals but features even more booths of gems, jewelry, meteorites and fossils. It is the home of Aerolite Meteorites and Dinosaur Brokers, so you’ll find a large museum-worthy exhibit of meteorites and dinosaur skeletons as well. With air cooling and pipe & drape, the Denver Mineral Show is a more upscale experience than our Denver Coliseum Show.

Are you a dealer that has something special to offer? Join us! Click on this link to begin the process: 2020 Denver Mineral Show


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2019 Dealer List

Aerolite Meteorites – S48/49/50
A.R.C. Fine Minerals – S34/35
Arslan’s Minerals – S26/27
Big Blue Inc – L4
BLC Jewelry & Minerals – S57a/b
Crystalline Connections – S18/19
Crystals & Minerals of South Africa – S36
Desert Gems – S16/24
Designs by Alex Simkin Inc – L3
Dinosaur Brokers – S56
Discovery Gems – S05/06
DNA Minerais do Brazil Ltda – S09
E Minerals – S26/27
El Paso Rock Shop – S58/59
Enhancing the Stone – S07
Friends of Dinosaur Ridge – S56
Ferreira Gems & Jewelry – S64
G&TG Gems – S38/39
GCP Jewelers – S45/46
Globe Minerals India – S21
Gneiss Guy Minerals and Fossils – S01
Gruta Minerals – S10
Himalaya Unlimited – S22/23
Indoagate – S52
Janu Gems – S60/61/62
LaFortunate Minerals – S42/43
Las Casitas Collection – S17/25
Manhoor International – S14/15
Mercurious Designs –S04
Mexican Fire Agates – S47
Michigan Rocks and Minerals – S30/31
Mineral Artisan – S08
Mineral Market – S12
Morrison Natural History Museum – S56
Mother Nature’s Recipes – S37
Nature’s Collectibles – S32/40
Opalescent Daydreams – S20
Otteson’s South of Sante Fe – S13
PaleoBond – S54/55
Parallel Power Products – S53
Piedres Austrailes – S33/41
Prizm Fine Minerals – S28
Rockology – S10
Sagicorp – S03 – S29a
Shree Sai Minerals – S11
Simp-Q Photo Studio – S29b
Trans International Gem – S57c
Truva Mining, – S65/66
TucsonGemNetwork – S51
The Uncarved Block – S44
Wolf & Rabbit’s Minerals – S02

2019 Booth Plan

Most booths have been reserved.


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Show Details for Dealers

Advertising: The Denver Show is Colorado’s most advertised event. Our ad campaign allocates $225,000 on 600+ billboards and bus shelter posters in Denver, Cheyenne, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, Loveland and Pueblo, as well as an aggressive on-line presence. No other show works harder for your success!

Show Days / Hours: Friday, Sept 11 through Sunday, Sept 20, 2019. Hours are 10 am to 6 pm daily. Vendor access is 60 minutes before and 30 minutes after each show.

Set-Up Days / Hours:  Wednesday and Thursday (Sept 9 & 10) between 9 am and 9 pm. Bring your own dolly or hand-truck as these are not provided by the venue.

Pack-Up Days / Hours: pm – midnight on Sunday, Sept 20 and the following day from 8 am to 5 pm.

Security: a mix of Denver Police officers and uniformed guards will be stationed in the show 24 hours a day commencing Wednesday, Sept 9th at 9 pm and remain on-site until Sunday, Sept 20 at 11 pm. Outside security will roam the tent area continuously starting Monday, Sept 7 and cease on Monday, Sept 21 at 8 am.

Lighting: make sure that your booth is well lit so that it stands out and attracts customers. LED light poles can be rented for only $95 per light for the 10 -day show. You need just one per table. Reserve your LED light poles now and they will be at your booth when you arrive. Prices will be higher at the show. Click to rent from Show Off Lighting

Showcase Rentals: Dynamic Events Denver is our preferred showcase provider and their prices are the lowest in Denver. Download their 2020 Order Form and submit it to them by August 15, 2020 to receive the Early Order pricing shown. After that date the prices increase to the Standard Rate.

Labeling: All specimens must be clearly labeled (or signed) with name and locality.