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The 2019 event will expand yet again with the addition of more tents at the NWC as well as successful dealers expanding their booth sizes. Dealers are leaving smaller shows that cannot afford to advertise to join us and benefit from our truly massive $150,000 advertising campaign.

Whether by sales area or table count, this is the largest indoor mineral, fossil, gem & jewelry show in the United States. In 2019 we expect 500 dealers and 50,000 visitors. Coupled with our lower booth fee and average daily sales that can be higher than in Tucson, you simply cannot afford to miss the Denver Show.

  1. Coliseum Show = Both levels of the Denver Coliseum + parking lot tents: fossils, minerals, gems & jewelry.
    ………  .    ……………..Download the 2019 Coliseum Show Application and apply today.
  2. Stadium Show = Includes the NWC Stadium + Level 1 of the NWC + Tents in the courtyard: larger dealers in A/C comfort.
    ……….   .  …………….Download the 2019 Stadium Show Application and apply today.
  3. Denver Expo Show = Level 2 of the National Western : primarily large volume wholesale. SOLD OUT
  4. Denver Mineral Show = Level 3 of the NWC: an intimate space limited to (160) better mineral, fossil, gem and jewelry dealers.
    ……..   …     ….     …  …………Download the 2019 Denver Mineral Show Application and apply today.
  5. Miner’s Co-Op Show = ground level of the NWC : direct from the miner / prospector. SOLD OUT

Denver Coliseum Show Site



Level 1 of the NWC is the Stadium Show. Ideal for larger “fork-lift” dealers because it is a non-Union venue with loading docks, roll-up garage doors, and many public entryways. Dealers can rent their own forklift or utilize the house forklift for $55 / hour. Security is immensely better than the tents at the Coliseum, being inside a locked venue and surrounded by a permanent fence. It is weather-proof and climate-controlled. Booths at the NWC are priced by the square foot in increments of 1,008 square feet — because the distance between the roof columns is 36′ x 28′ = 1,008 sf. On a square foot basis they are priced the same as the tents in the Coliseum parking lot (all of which are all sold out).  Your NWC booth location can be next to a loading dock, or a roll-up door so you can drive inside, next to a restroom, by the food trucks, near the main entrance, or at the stairs to Level 2. They’re all good!


Level 2 of the NWC is the long-time home of the Denver Expo Show run by Jim Gehring of Village Originals. It features many of the same dealers that exhibit at his Tucson Kino Park Show. Jim will continue to run his NWC show as always, but in a tight partnership with the other four shows to greatly enhance the buyer experience.

Level 2

Level 3 of the NWC is the home of the Denver Mineral Show. It has 160 booths reserved for dealers offering “better” minerals, fossils, gems and jewelry. Since this show is so special, it gets its own webpage. Please click Denver Mineral Show for more information. (Booths in Yellow are reserved)
Denver Mineral Show - Level 3 - Floor plan


COLISEUM : Arena (this level focuses on minerals, fossils, and meteorites)
1. Single Table (8 foot long x 30″ wide) = $750 per table which includes 1,000w of electricity
2. Standard Booth (three 8-foot-tables in a U-shape, approximately 100 square feet) = $1,500 per booth which includes 1,000w of electricity
3. Arena Square Booth (three 8-foot + four 6-foot tables) = $2,175 per booth which includes 1,000w of electricity
4. Arena Booth Addition (three additional 8-foot tables) = $750 per set

Optional: additional electricity is $150 in increments of 2,000 watts

Denver Coliseum Show - Arena Booth Plans

Denver Coliseum Show - Floorplan

COLISEUM : Concourse (on this level the focus is on jewelry, beads, and lapidary)

1. Single Table (8 foot long x 30″ wide) = $750 per table which includes 1,000w of electricity
2. Standard Booth (three 8-foot-tables in a U-shape, approximately 100 square feet) = $1,500 per booth which includes 1,000w of electricity

Optional: additional electricity is $150 in increments of 2,000 watts

Denver Coliseum Show - Concourse Floorplan

COLISEUM : Located in the west parking lot of the Coliseum. (Floor Plan):

Denver Coliseum Show - Tents



Advertising Campaign:

This show and our NJ Show continually compete to be the most advertised mineral, fossil, gem & jewelry show in the nation; with each advertising campaign costing well over $150,000 to ensure your success. The largest impact comes from our colossal state-wide billboard / bus shelter campaign. Take a look at the 2019 billboard / bus shelter campaign.



Light Pole Rental:

In our business, presentation is everything. Make sure that your booth is well lit so that it stands out and attracts customers. Convenient LED light poles can do that for you with rental prices of only $95 per light for the 9-day show. All you need is one per table. Halogen lights create too much heat and draw too much power, and are being banned from our shows because of this. Reserve your LED light poles now and they will be installed at your table when you arrive. Prices will be higher at the show. Click to rent from Show Off Lighting


Sales Tax, Business License, Weight Scale License:

Dealers must collect a total of 7.72% sales tax on each retail sale. No sales tax is collected on wholesale sales when the buyer has a business license, which they must show you and you must record. The City of Denver gets 3.72% and the state of Colorado receives the remaining 4.0% of the 7.72%. All dealers must file their returns within 30 days of the end of the show. You must apply for separate Colorado and Denver business licenses, and file separately after the show. Don’t worry — it’s cheap, easy and fast if you do it online.

For the Colorado Business License Click Here and then click ‘File a Return’ at lower-left, and then click ‘Special Event Sales Tax’ in the middle of the page. Then the red ‘Next’ button. And finally, scroll down to the Denver County events and click ‘The Denver Coliseum Mineral, Fossil, Gem, and Jewelry Show’ to complete the on-line form (which will not be visible until after the show). You can obtain your business license and file your return at one time after the show, as long as you do it within 30 days after the last day of the show.

For the Denver Special Event License Click Here to download the combined Special Event License Application & Return. You can obtain your business license and file your return at one time after the show, as long as you do it within 30 days after the last day of the show.



Weight Scales:

Colorado does not honor other states licenses or certification stickers. The owner must obtain a Colorado license to operate the device in Colorado prior to its use. If a device is found to be in commercial use without the owner having obtained a license to operate, fines of up to $750 per day can be assessed for failure to comply with state law. The inspector may also place a wire seal on the device which will render it inoperable if deemed necessary. All scales used commercially must also have an NTEP Certificate of Conformance. For more info visit the official website at :

If you use a weight scale during the show to sell by weight, then your scale must be licensed in Colorado. For more information, go to the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture website, which is tasked by law to ensure accurate weights and measurement devices used in commerce. Their web-site is www.Colorado.Gov/Ag/ICS

Don’t shrug this off. The organizers are required by law to provide our list of dealers to both Denver and Colorado taxation and licensing authorities, and they do inspections every year.



Hotel Accommodations:

Both of our preferred hotels for 2019 are Doubtrees which are located within a mile of each other, and are ~9 minutes from the Coliseum:

Doubletree Stapleton North (formerly the Red Lion Hotel) at 4040 Quebec Street. Rates from $109 / night (single occupancy) include breakfast, in-room Wi-Fi, and free shuttle from / to Denver Airport. Our negotiated rate is much lower than their best AARP / AAA / military rates. An Enterprise rental car agency is located next to the hotel. It is typically 25% cheaper to rent a car there than at Denver Airport due to airport taxes, so use the free hotel shuttle to save time and money. Click here by July 31st to reserve a room

Doubletree by Hilton Denver at 3203 Quebec Street. Rates from $104 / night (single occupancy) include breakfast, in-room Wi-Fi, and free shuttle from / to Denver Airport. Our negotiated rate is much lower than their best AARP / AAA / military rates. An Avis rental car agency is located inside the hotel. Click here by July 31st to reserve a room

The primary difference between the two hotels is that the more expensive one is newer, a bit more upscale, and has a busy Sports Bar inside. The less expensive one has slightly smaller rooms but offers a quieter, more relaxing restaurant lounge (with better food) conducive to conversations.

These rates are available to anyone and everyone, but are good only until supply lasts. Book now!


Not available at the show. Please enable the “hotspot” capability on your smart phone for this functionality.



Set-Up Days & Times:

Coliseum inside: Thursday (Sept. 5) from 9 am to 6 pm and Friday (Sept. 6), from 9 am to 9 pm
Coliseum tents: dawn to dusk on Thursday and Friday
NWC: Monday (Labor Day) Noon to 5 pm / Tuesday thru Thursday 9am and 5pm
NWC tents: Tuesday – Thursday (Sept 4 – 6)  9am and 5pm

Please check-in upon arrival to obtain your Vendor ID which you must display on your person in order to remain on-site.

Tear down does not begin until the show ends at 6 pm on Sunday, Sept. 15. This strictly enforced rule is intended to minimize security problems, reduce injury risk, and maintain Sunday as a full sales day for our customers. However, excess stock may be removed from booths and tents before 6 pm as long as it is done inconspicuously *and* while maintaining stocked and attractive selling displays.




Three uniformed security guards from the NWC and Coliseum will roam the show during event hours and on busy weekends they will be augmented with uniformed Denver police officers. At night a guard will be posted at the Coliseum tents, inside the Coliseum, and Levels 1, 2, and 3 of the NWC.

As with any such show, the promoter, security guards, police, venue, and the city of Denver are not responsible for any loss or theft of any kind, in any manner, for whatever reason. It is your sole responsibility to obtain loss insurance and to take appropriate security precautions such as using showcases, security cages, cable locks, RF tags, monitoring cameras, tamper alarms, and the like. Assume that there will be shoplifters present and make smart decisions now to ensure that you are not a victim.

Vendors will also have access to a dedicated locked room in a secured part of the building for overnight storage.



Shipping to the Show:

Absolutely DO NOT have your shipment delivered to the NWC or Coliseum unless you (or your designee) will be there to receive it and have the proper equipment to unload it << OR >> you have made arrangements with UPS Freight to receive it.

We do not provide logistics services and cannot unload your shipment.

If you wish to use UPS Freight to receive your shipment, here is the contact person:

Curtis Thomas, Jr
Sr. Account Manager
UPS Forwarding
Cell: (303) 524-2241
Email: [email protected]

The address for the Coliseum is:

Denver Coliseum
[Your name | booth number | cell phone number]
4600 Humboldt Street
Denver, CO 80216

The address for the NWC is:

National Western Complex
[Your name | booth number | cell phone number]
4655 Humboldt Street
Denver, CO 80216

For vendors who will need a forklift during the show, especially those at the NWC, we encourage you to get together with your fellow dealers to rent one and then split the cost among yourselves. Otherwise, you must unload your truck with a self-supplied pallet jack at the loading dock or buy forklift services directly from the NWA. Due to insurance regulations we cannot provide forklift services — or allow them to be billed to us.



Showcase & Lighting Rental:

Our prices are the lowest of all Denver shows because we do not collect a commission on lighting rentals. The company that we use is Dynamic Events of Denver with whom you will deal with directly. Click here for the order form.



RV Parking:

There will be limited RV parking allowed in the dirt lot under the I-70 overpass ONLY with a parking pass issued prior to the show.  We will be designating locations, and an on site pump service will be arranged and available at some point during the show.  RV‘s must have black water tanks, must not be reliant on solar power (no sunlight under the overpass, and will have water available after show hours via hosing run from the building.  Miners Co Op dealers will park on the NWC side in their RV designated location.

No dealer trucks / RVs / tents / trailers shall occupy or block any customers parking spot.   Onsite parking is a privilege, not a right.  Permission is granted and sustained only to those gracious enough to follow the rules.  We’ll assume that any violators are part of a shoplifting ring, and therefore will be ticketed and towed without warning.

To obtain an RV parking pass (space is limited – do it now!)  please submit the following information to [email protected]:

Dealer name and booth/space/tent number
Phone number (during the show) where you can be reached
RV plate number
Length and type of your RV 




No taxes are due upon importation of minerals, fossils, gems, jewelry and similar items into the USA. Further, there are no duties on minerals and fossils shipped into the USA. Be sure to have a detailed inventory list and use Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) code number 97050000. This code corresponds to “Collections and Collectors’ Pieces of Mineralogical or Paleontological Interest”.

Most gems, jewelry, semi-precious / precious stones, and precious metals are also exempt from import duties. However there are many exceptions in which the duty is 10% or more. To learn which specific items are subject to duty, please visit the official United States International Trade Commission website and use the Search function.

If only a few items are subject to duty and the amount is low, it is usually fastest / cheapest to pay the duty. However, in cases where the duty would be high, then the exhibitor can acquire an ATA Carnet at a cost of about $300 (+ surety bond at a cost of 1% of the merchandise value). The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that allows the holder to temporarily (up to one year) import goods without payment of normally applicable duties and taxes, including value-added taxes in more than 71 countries. The ATA Carnet eliminates the need to purchase temporary import bonds. So long as the goods are re-exported within the allotted time frame, no duties or taxes are due. Failure to re-export all goods listed on the ATA Carnet results in the need to pay the applicable duties (as would be the case for items that are sold). The acronym ATA is a combination of French and English phrases “Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission.”

To learn about and obtain an ATA Carnet please visit the International Chamber of Commerce website.



Still have a question?

If it is related to booth / table availability please email Heather – [email protected]

If it is related to billing or the venue please email Russell – [email protected]

If it is about advertising or marketing please email Lowell – [email protected]