2017 Exhibitor List

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Coliseum Upper Level Concourse
Coliseum Lower Level Arena | Backstage | Arcade

NWC Level 1 = Stadium Show
NWC Level 2 = Denver Expo Show
NWV Level 3 = Denver Mineral Show

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AA Colombian Emeralds, C24
Abdalla Imports, NWC: Level-2, #16
Adamas Gems, R15
Aerolite Meteorites, NWC: Level-3, Coors Art Room 9 & 10
Afghan Gems, C1
Africa Minerals, NWC: Level-2, #1
African Arts and Minerals, A204
Akala Jewelry, C7 
All Beads Inc., C87
All Over Morocco, Tent S-13 
Allin Gem, MCO
Alpamayo, Tent 209A
Amazing Obsidian, Tent 203
American Frontier, NWC: Level-2, #6
Ampac International, NWC: Level-2, #14
Ampersand Gem and Jewelry, C16
Ancient Earth Trading Co., A501
Ancient Lake Fossils Inc., A306
Angelic Healing Crystals, Tent S-10
Apex Gems and Minerals, NWC: Level-3, 16J + 17J
Aradon, NWC: Level-2, #41
Archaeology and Paleontology for Everyone, B2
Ariel Treasures, A103
The Arkenstone, NWC: Level-3, Coors Art Room 3, 4, 5 & 6
Armando Custom Rock Cutters, Tent 304
Art Africa, Tent F + NWC: Level-2, #25
Arte Crystals LLC, Tent 501
Artesaias Loyola, Tent 603B
Artesanias Turquesa Inc, C97
Aspen Rock (Wrights Lace Opals), MCO 
Aurora Mineral Corp, A401 
Avant Mining, NWC: Level-3, Coors Art Room 1 & 2
Avian Oasis, C73
B&M Treasures, C23 
Baby T-Rex LLC, R11
Badin Stones, Tent 210D
Bali Silver Jewelry, C76/C78
Barry Mercer Minerals, MCO 
Barzee Gem Cutting, MCO
Bennett Imports, NWC: Level-2, #32
Blue Crystal Mines, Tent 406
Blue Rock Guy, NWC: Level-3, 13E + 14E
Bohannon Fossils, NWC: Level-2, #10
Bookbinder Minerals, Tent 201
Bright Star Gemstones, A21
Broken River Mining, NWC: Level-2, #41
Bug House, NWC: Level-2, #3
Butterflies By God, A14
C and I International, Tent H, C2
Candelariat Hills Big Nugget Turquoise Mine, C11 
Carneiros Crystals, NWC: Level-1, #6
Carnelian.com, R13
Carol's Jewelry, C82
Casa Blanca Exports, NWC: Level-2, #27
Chaotic2Creations MCO
Chavez Minerals, MCO
Chenoa Ellinghaus-PaleoArt & Illustration, A23
Chi Cody Jewelry Design, C43
Colorado Rocks, B3
Compagnie Tafilalte, NWC: Level-1 #20
Concept Roma, A402B
Creare Collective, C17
Crystal City Inc., B30 
Crystal Mine, Tent S-5
Crystal Syndicate, NWC: Level-3, 16K + 17K
Crystals & Minerals of South Africa, NWC: Level-3, 12E + 12F
Crystals From Heaven Gems & Minerals, MCO 
CSR Jewelry Design, LLC, C33
CurioGrove, A6
Dan Beck Petrified Wood, NWC: Level-2, #2
Daniel Kinfe Ethiopian Rough & Cut Opals, C81
David Geiger Minerals, B32
Deep Seeded Trading Post, NWC: Level-3, 12J thru 15J
Diana's, MCO
Di Grande, Tent S-4
Dinosaur Brokers, DDA
Dirty Miner Gems and Minerals, NWC: Level-3, 4H + 4J
Dominion Gems, NWC: Level-3, TBD
Dominus Cervix Intl., Inc. A206
Earth Art Gallery, A13, A26
Earth Finds Rocks & Minerals, NWC: Level-3, 4F + 4G
Earth Minerals Morocco, Tent 503
Earth Finds Rocks & Minerals, NWC: Level-3, 4F + 4G
Earthly Endeavors, B45
Eldorado Sapphire Company, C91
Ethio Gems Lapidary and Mineral Exporter, C21
Ethiopian Gems, C41
Excel Gems and Minerals, A303
Fantasia Mining, B37-41, B44
Farber Minerals, A202B
Farmhouse Gem Shop, NWC: Level-3, 4M + 4N
Felipe Barrera, Tent 205
Fernando Torrecillas Minerals, MCO
Fine Art Minerals (TBD)
Flower of Life Crystals, B46 
The Foothills Boxes, NWC: Level-1 #11
Fossils.com, C84, NWC: Level-3, 13D + 14D
Fossils & Minerals from Morocco ,Tent 10
Fouad Minerals and Fossils, NWC: Level-1 #1
Four Seasons Rainbow, Tent G
Friends of Dinosaur Ridge, DDA
From the Mines, Tent B
Gem Center USA Inc, Tent 204
The Gem Shop Inc., Tent 1
Gemimex Minerals Inc., Tent 301
Gemnasty, NWC: Level-3, 6J + 7J
Gempathix, LLC, C-E
Gems & Mineral Depot, A505
Gems of the Earth, R12
Gemstone Bridge, A201 
GeoDecor Inc., Platinum Room, Lower Level, Coliseum
GeoDecor Inc., NWC: Level-3, 6A thru 9A + 6B thru 9B
Geoscience Industries, Tent S-15
Geotrope Minerals, NWC: Level-3, 19K + 20K
Gold-Rex, C25
Goldnik Inc., C66
Goldsteen Gems (14M, 15M)
Gomes Stones LLC, Tent 302
Goddess, C44/46/48/50
Great Opals, C86
Greatwall Consulting, A205
Gunther Diamond Tools, C-A
Guzman Fire Agate, MCO
Hagar's Fossils, A104 
HDHobby, NWC: Level-3, 6N + 7N
Hiba Minerals, Tent S-1
Highland Park Lapidary, Tent 4
Himalaya Handmade, C37
Himalayan Healing Quartz, A404
Holguin Mexican Minerals, NWC: Level-1 #11
I Love Rocks.com NWC: Level-2, #17
Idaho Bling Bling, B47
Jadminer S.L., C39
JaM's Rocks, MCO
Janice Evert Opals, C74
JayGemsNMinerals, Tent 603A
JB Krystal Art, B33
Jennifer Gems, C27/C29/C31 
Jim's Gems NWC: Level-2, #8
Jin Ge Zi Rock Shop, C15
JNE Lapidary, Inc., A405
John Heusler - Slabs to Cabs, Tent A
JS Gems, Tent 9
Juno Designs, C70
Karmic Beads & Gems, C18
KD Meteorites, A1 
Khorasan Gems and Minerals Supplier, B5
King Garnet, B35
King Mike Mining NWC: Level-2, #23
Kobra Import Export, Tent S-8
Krystal Light Imports NWC: Level-2, #24
Laaroussi Minerals, Tent 210B
Lauratas Inc, C68
Lemont Jewelry, Tent S-9/11
Life Stone Gems & Minerals, Tent 210C
The Light Crystal, C35
Like International, C58
Lone Star Fossils, R11
Lost World Fossils, A12
Low Country Geologic, A504
Lubytar LLC, NWC: Level-1, #18
M. Jentsch Minerals and Rough Stones, A101 
Madagascar Import/SEAM, Tent 202, NWC: Level-1, #17
Mada Vato, R7/R8
Majikku Minerals, C-B/C/D
Malachite & Gems of Africa, Tent 402
Malculm Alter Minerals, MCO
Marquez Mining Co., C85
Mandala Handicrafts, C12
Mariano Gems, C47
Maritime Jewelry NWC: Level-2, #12
Mass N Tons of Rock, A4 
Matrix India LLC, A203
Merveille Anno Import-Export Inc., Tent 202, NWC: Level-1, #5
Meteoriten Show, R9
Michal & Company NWC: Level-2, #13
Miller's Rock Shop NWC: Level-2, #7
Minas Brasil Stones, Tent 207
Minas Cristais SWX, Tent 303
Minas Minerals, A2
Mineral Treasure-Madagascar Gemstones, Tent 2
Mineralphil Madagascar, Tent 12
Minerama, B4
Mining Mermaid, NWC: Level-3, 19N + 20N
Moldavites, C13
Moments In Stone, DDA
Momminia Beads & Jewelry, C8/C10
Moroccan Desert NWC: Level-2, #31
Moroccan Fossils and Minerals, NWC: Level-1, #19
Moroccan Fossils Inc., NWC: Level-1, #2
Moroccan Minerals (Rachid & Aziz) NWC: Level-2, #38
Morocco Minerals, Tent 405
Mosselin Stones, NWC: Level-1, #7
MP Products NWC: Level-2, #5
N.M. Koch Company (Orr's Trading) NWC: Level-2, #26
Nature's Collectibles, NWC: Level-3, 8M + 9M
Norcross Madagascar NWC: Level-2, #21
Nativa Gems, NWC: Level-1, #3
Morrison Natural History Museum, R10A
Multicolor Gem & Minerals, C26
National Minerals, Tent 7
Natural Expressions, MCO 
Nature Designs, Tent 6
Nayab Gems & Minerals, C14
New Era Gems, NWC: Level-3, 8J + 9J + 10J
Nharo African Art Minerals and Skulls, A403
Noble Stone & Glass, MCO
Northwest Montanta Fossils, B8
Nouhayla Minerals, Tent 210B
NZ Bismuth, B12
Oceanic Linkways Inc., Tent 601
Opalescent Daydreams, NWC: Level-3, 14K + 15K
Opalos Mexicanos, C52
Opalos Romero Inc., Tent 403
Oregon Institute for Geologic Research, A301, A26
Oreodont Fossils, A20
Ouro Preto Gem Stones, B7/B34
Ozzie Boulder Opals, C93
Pacific Minerals, A3
Pak Afghan Gems, A503
PAK Designs, C80
Palawan Shell Co, B9 
PaleoBond, DDA
Pangaea Industries, Inc., Tent 3
Papio Creek Gems & Gifts, C20
The Perfect Gem, C40/42
Peru Minerals NWC: Level-2, #20
Peruvian Spirit, Tent S-12
Phantom Rocks, MCO 
Pikes Peak Rock Shop, B49
Piritas de Navajun, B48/B49
Pissioni Gems, Tent S-14
"Prospectors" from the TWC TV series, B3
Prospector's Paradise NWC: Level-2, #39
Quasar Gems & Jewelry NWC: Level-2, #28
Raiders of the Lost Art, NWC: Level-1, #4
Rainbow Gems NWC: Level-2, #15
Rainbow Lattice Sunstone, NWC: Level-3, 6M + 7M
Rainbow Rocks and Gems, A502
Rare Earth Gallery / Art of Decor, Tent 210A
Red Sky Minerals, MCO 
Redstone Minerals, NWC: Level-3, 9K + 10K
Rejl, B42
Rio Grande Pedras, S-3
Robbins Jewelry, C4/C6
Roc 3000, Tent J
Rock Art, C36
Rockland, B1
Rockology, A302 & NWC: Level-3, 17F thru 20F 
Rockswest, MCO
Rojas Minerals y Artesanias, A402A, B6
Rose Lu Jewelry, C85
Rosman Gems & Minerals NWC: Level-2, #18
Rossi & Souza Quality in Crystals, Tent 8
Ruiz Minerals, MCO
Runnin' Boar Minerals, MCO
Rush County Rocks, B36
Sagenite Man NWC: Level-2, #30
Sahara Sea Collection, Tent C
Samora Minerals and Amber Co, Tent 602
Samora Minerals, NWC: Level-2, #33
Samora Minerals, NWC: Level-3, 12K + 13K
Sarah Designs Jewelry, NWC: Level-3, 8K + 9K + 10K
Schone Stones Sahara NWC: Level-2, #9
Scrimshaw, B31
Scully's Minerals, MCO
Seeds of Light, Inc., C72
Segaoui Brothers, Tent S-7
Serenity Tibet NWC: Level-2, #34
Seth Maranuk Designs, C30
Shambary International Src., Tent 203
Shannon & Son's Minerals, A101
Sharksteeth.com, A406
Sharp Design Studios, C19
Shooting Starz / Vianya, C54/C56
Shop 4 Gifts, NWC: Level-2, #4
Shree Sai Minerals, NWC: Level-3, 4A + 5A
Silver Rainbird NWC: Level-2, #22
Smilodon Resources, LLC, A25
Sokolowski Poland, A102 
Some Distant World, R14
Sourcery Stone NWC: Level-2, #17
Southern Sky, B10
Spirit Stone NWC: Level-2, #11
SM Cristais, NWC: Level-1, #14
Spiritstone Gems, B11/B13
St. Pierre Minerals, MCO
Star Glow International, C60
Starborn Creations, R1-6
STARGATE - Dominus Cervix Intl., Inc. A206
R Stratton Knives, A202A
Studio CLD, C89
Style Art Stone Craft, Tent S-19
Sun Gemstone Company, NWC: Level-3, 18M + 18N
Sunwest Silver, Tent 502
Super Time Int'l Corp, C77/C79 
SuperAgates.com, A201 
Superb Minerals India, NWC: Level-3, Coors Art Room 7 & 8
Superb Minerals India Pvt. Ltd., Tent 401
Team Hard Rock, NWC: Level-3, 4D + 4E
Tex Mex NWC: Level-2, #29
Throwin Stones, NWC: Level-3, 10M + 11M
Tibetan Souvenir, C95
TLZ Enterprises/PaleoImages/Lithocanis, A11
Toh-Atin Gallery, INUA, A22
Tom Wolfe Minerals, A305
Top Gem Minerals, Tent 206
Tri Max Inc. NWC: Level-2, #40
Trini & Julie's Minerals, MCO
TucsonGemNetwork, NWC: Level-3, 19M + 20M
Turquesa Internacional, Tent S-17
The Uncarved Block, NWC: Level-3, 13F + 14F
The Unconventional Lapidarist, Tent 404
Uniquelyours, A24 
Unite ZYL International, Inc, C3/C5 
UPS, NWC: Level-2, #42 + Coliseum 'Denver Room'
Uruguay Amethyst, Tent 208
Usman Imports, Tent 603C
Utah Septarian Treasures, Tent 209B
Veronica Matthews Minerals, A304
Vibe Catchers / Hearts for Love, C32
Village Originals, NWC: Level-2, #19
Village Silversmith, C - West Wing
VitaJuwel USA, Inc., B14
Wade's Wood and Rocks, Tent 5
Wari Designs, C13
Washington Treasures, Tent S-16
Western Woods Inc., NWC: Level-1, #8,12
WoodNotch, C83
World Circle, A101
WR Cut Stone, Tent S-8
Zeder Co. International, A301
Zees, Denver Coliseum, Lower Level, the Denver Room
Zees, NWC: Level-3, 1J - 3J + 1K + 1L + 1M - 3M
The Znaniecki Collection, A5 

Lower Level of the Coliseum:

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Stadium Show, NWC Level 1:

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Denver Mineral Show, NWC Level 3:

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