Tents and dealers inside the Coliseum will open all 9 days in 2013!

September 7 - 15, 2013 (weekend to weekend)
9 am - 6 pm daily, Sundays until 5 pm
4600 Humboldt Street, Denver CO 80216
From I-70, exit 275B at Brighton Blvd

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2012 Dealer List and Location

Floor Plan

A = Arena
B = Backstage
C = Concourse
Miner's Co-Op = A Partner Show in our Rear Parking Lot

A Flair For Fashion, C22
African Arts & Minerals, A107
Altamont Minerals
Amber America, C46
Ameriasian Business Corp., C14
ANJ Rocks and Gemstone Beads, C35
Artesanias, Tent 35
Aspen Rock (Wrights Lace Opals), C34
Avalon Trading Company, C50
Azillion Beads, C48/C49
B&M Treasures, C4
B. Imports/Southwestern Collection, C47
Backwoods Barbie Driftwood Art, C37
Barranca Diamond, Tent 25
Blue Crystal Mines, A110
Blue Stone, Tent 22
Bondi Beads, C11
Broken Arrow Mining, C17
C and I International, B5
Chi Fashion, C36b
Conscious Heart, C27
Crystal City Inc., B3
Crystal Visions, Tent 3
Crystals From Heaven, MC Lot
Dale's Beads & Pendants (Georgia's Beads), C42
DE Mokume Jewelry, C16
Designs By Shirl, C24
Desert Rain Designs, A11
Diamond K Turquoise, C18
Dinosaur Brokers, Tent 21
Dinosaur Discovery Adventures, A115
Dinosaur Ridge, A108
Dinosaurs and More , A125
Doost Gems & Beads, C15
Earth Energy, A112
Empire Gems International, C21b
Experimental Learning Associates, A115
Fossil Lake Fish Co., Tent 32
Fire Agate Art Studio, C29
Frank Import, C56/C57
Galaxy Gems, C13
Gangi Gems, A37/A38
Gemstone Bridge, A105
The Gem Shop Inc., Tent 5
Gemimex Minerals Inc., Tent 14
Glitter Queen, C33
Global Arts Impex, C28
GMBB, Tent 10
Grateful Don's Silver & Sarong, Tent 38
Habtom Ethiopian Opals, C53
Hagar's Fossils, A4
Hardrock USA, Tent 34
Highland Park Lapidary Co, Tent 31
In the Beginning Fossils, A125
Indiana9 Fossils, A124
J Barkley, C23
J&K Trade, Tent 19
Jayhawk Rock Shop, Tent 1
KD Meteorites, A1
Khyber Stone, C21b
Larimar, Tent 34
Larimar Conlight, C20
The Last Berber, B8
Lighthouse Jewelry, C26
M. Jentsch Minerals and Rough Stones, A102
Madagascar Gemstone, Tent 2
Madagascar Import/SEAM, Tent 20
Mass N Tons of Rock, A5
Maya Canyon Jewelry, C25
Midwest Geo Search LLC, A110
Mineralphil Madagascar, Tent 12
Morrison Natural History Museum, A108
Monarch Mineral & Fossil, A111
National Minerals, C44/45
Natural Brasil, Tent 3
Nature's Spectrum Gems, A107
Opalos Romeros, Tent 33
Palawan Shell Co, B2
Paleo Bond, Tent 21
Pangaea Industries, Inc., Tent 4
Pangea Fossils Ltd., A124
Parlor Car, C54
The Perfect Gem, C52
PG&G Gold Refining, C16
Quartziam Exportadora Ltda, Denver Room, B1
Rainbow Rocks & Gems, A117
Rare Earth Trading, Tent 31
Red Desert Design, C40
Red Shell, C12
Roc 3000, Tent 27
Rockology, A109
S&S Gems , C30
Sahara Sea Collection, Tent 15/16>
Shamballa Art Import, Tent 23
Shambary International S.R. L., Tent 35
Shannon & Son's Minerals, A102
Shao Cui Chen, C36a
Sharp Design Studios, C32
Shree Sai Minerals, Tent 8b
Sierra Madre Mining Co., Tent 17
Silver Sky Imports LLC, Tent 9
Sister's Rocks, Tent 8a
SKS Enterprises, C41
Sokolowski Poland, A103
Spencer Opal Mines LLC, C31
SuperAgates.com, A105
Superb Minerals India Pvt. Ltd., Tent 13
Terry McKee - Paleo Artist, A3
The Last Berber, B8
Third Eye Pine Cones, C21a
Triebold Paleontology Inc., A118
Underground Crystals, Tent 11
Uniquely Yours, A12
Universal Minerals, A113, Tent 23
Uruguay Amethyst, Tent 24, Tent 36
Village Silversmith, Tent 18
VMP Minerals, B6
Wade's Wood and Rocks, Tent 6
Wholesale Moroccan Fossils and Minerals, Tent 26
Wonder Bob, C27
World Circle, A102
Yong Jia Co., C19
Zederco International, A101, Tent 21